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Monday, 14 September 2020

I Don't Know - I Don't Know

From the 17th- 23rd September 2020 I'll be in residence at 48 Aberfeldy Street, London, E14 0NU, under the event title 'I Don't Know', which is running as part of Young Blood Initiative's "Wake Up And Smell The Tear Gas" season.

One of the projects I'm inviting people to take part in while I'm there is "I Don't Know". It's similar to my previous open project "No New Ideas" - participants (by which I mean you, dear reader, if you're interested) take the starter image and do whatever you want to it, either physically or digitally. Really, the only difference is that this time instead of challenging you (or liberating you) with the idea that there are 'no new ideas' this time you're being asked about What You Don't Know. 

No rules, just do whatever you want. Here's a link to a high-ish res version of the starter image: DOWNLOAD or save it from this post if you don't mind it getting a bit gnarly along the way.

Email it to me at with any links or details that you want to share with the image, and I'll stick them up here. I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Still from THIS VIDEO by the mysterious Ceiling Wax

Still from THIS VIDEO by madsciencefilms aka James Plumb

One by me

One by my daughter

Another one by me

By Douglas Noble

By Peter Barnard



  1. i don't know what you're up to here.
    but i seem to approve. more by me:
    i don't know how anybody takes
    religion or politics or any other form
    of pushing people around, seriously.

    1. Hi Owen - sorry in taking so long to reply to your message. I've put some examples up here in the blog of the sorts of things other people having been doing to your work. Your blog confuses me in a very inviting way, and if you do find the time to rework this image I'm sure the results would be fascinating.