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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Aquila Illustrations

Aquila Magazine recently asked me to do some illustrations for their April 2014 issue, to accompany a story featuring Shakespeare and his players. This is the second time I've contributed to Aquila -- for their September issue I illustrated (quite graphically) the dangers of cross contamination along with a knight being thrown from his horse (they were seperate illustrations, if that wasn't clear)

Working on these illustrations was a lot of fun, and I also learnt a lot about Medieval armour and Elizabethan fashion to boot. Here're some of the images I created -- they're very different to the stuff I'd normally do, but that's all to the good, and have served as great confidence boosters for my current Big Project, a full length figurative graphic novel...

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Secret7s: Lorde process pictures

This year's Secret7s has been announced, and I was lucky enough to get in again. One of the entries that didn't get in was for Lorde's 'Team':

Here's the final image, and underneath it are photos I took as I was working on it.

This last image (and hello there if you've scrolled through all that!) is the final scan before I shaded it in Photoshop. It might be worth noting that there's more hair in this version than the final version -- for the sake of the composition I had to chop some of it out for the final image.