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Sunday, 7 June 2020

'NO NEW IDEAS' Collaborative Project

Here's all you need to do in order to join in:

1. Take the page above, which is from the second section of my graphic novel 'Petrichor'. 
Here's the link to the full version: NO NEW IDEAS 
For those that are working digitally, and might find the original PSD useful, here is : NO NEW IDEAS PSD
2. Do whatever you want to it. Print it out and cut it up, or draw over the top of it, or use it as a texture in a computer game, whatever.
3. The only rule is: Be Brave.
4. Send it back to me at with any social media details that you'd want shared.
5. I'll put a copy here on the blog with your name and your social media details.
6. That's it.

If we get enough of them, I'll bundle them all up into a PDF, and we'll decide what to do with it then. It'd be nice if it could be used to generate some money for a good cause, but we'll put those ambitions behind having fun for the time being.

If you're able to, please send the finished file back to me using the following details. If you don't know how to prep an image to these specifications, that's absolutely not a problem, just send me what you've got.

Dimensions: 21.6 x 30.3cm (2551x3579 pixels)
DPI: 300dpi
Colour: RGB - if you can send CMYK in case we decide to print, that's helpful, but not the end of the world.

My own first attempt at reworking the page

by Hazel R

Instagram: @sao.imprografia

Martha Hopkins
Amy Hopkins

Daniel Bristow Bailey
Instagram: @danielbristowbailey
Twitter: @bristowbailey

Jeremy P Bushnell
Instagram: @jeremypbushnell
Also one half of the two-person remix collective @churchdoorlounger

Nick Bryan
Twitter: @NickMB
Instagram: @nickbryandotcom

Steve Thompson
Twitter: @kloob

Jenny Robins
Twitter: @jennyrobins
Instagram: @mywordsfly

Jenny Robins
Twitter: @jennyrobins
Instagram: @mywordsfly

Sarah Daniels
Instagram: @sarahdaniels.jpg

Chloe Starling
Twitter: @thechlowinator
Instagram: @thechlowinator

Ladenia Jones

Anon Anon

Simon Russel
Twitter: @simon_at_boing
Instagram: @simon_boing

Simon Russel
Twitter: @simon_at_boing
Instagram: @simon_boing

Michael Orr
Tweet: @cornpone
IG: @_pone_

Douglas Noble
Twitter: @douglasnoble
Instagram: @douglasnoble

Rosaire Appel
Instagram: @rappelx
Facebook: Rosaire Appel
Tony Esmond
Instagram: @professor_riptide

Piotr Szreniawski
Instagram: @pszren

Gareth A Hopkins
Twitter: @grthink
Instagram: @grthink

Martha Hopkins

Bill Hopkins

Lois Shukes
Instagram: @cindylou8400

Lois Shukes
Instagram: @cindylou8400

Twitter: @is_perfectly

Chris Joseph
Twitter: @cj391

Linus Evans
Twitter: @Linus_E_

Anastasia Marsh
Twitter: @anthal4
Instagram: @anastasia.marsh

Jim Andrews

To see Jim's Aleph Null graphic synthesiser 'chew' on
some of the other submissions to No New Ideas
you can do that here (and I recommend that you do):

David Kjellin

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Alpha Pod Flight - Scheduler

pic from:

Here's a list of issues of Alpha Flight. If there's a name next to it, somebody's agreed to read and talk about that issue on my podcast Alpha Pod Flight. If there's a link next to it, we've recorded and that's a link to listen to the episode on Soundcloud. If there isn't a name or link it's FREE! Either email me at to let me know which one you'd like to do, or DM me at Twitter where I'm @grthink

(I've not listed all 130 issues of Vol 1, or any of Vol 2, that'd be madness. I've listed the Byrne run and some notable issues -- if there's an issue you'd like to talk about that's not on the list, let me know you want to do it and we'll get it added) (This means it's harder to talk about Bill Mantlo's run, which has a lot to talk about, but those issues aren't as readily available as the Byrne - if you've got any of the Mantlo run, and I've got an issue I can talk to, then please get in contact)

Alpha Flight Vol 1
1: Sean
2: Ken
3: Dan
4: Rich
5: Fraser
6: Ken
7: Andy CT (lost episode)
8: Rob
9: Douglas
10: Jenny
11: Gerry
12: Tom W
13: A Different Tom W
16: Emmet
17: Bill
18: Nick Prolix
19: Claire
20: Kate
21: Kate
22: Tony
23: James B
24: Steve
25: Dan Butcher
26: Phil
28: Sean
33: John
38: Lolly
39: Sunny
45: Amy
51: Sarah
55: Jenny
59: Iestyn
79: Andy CT
106: James P

Alpha Flight Vol 3
4: Tim

Alpha Flight Vol 4
0.1: Phil
1: Mo

Specials and guest appearances
X-Men And Alpha Flight 1: James
X-Men And Alpha Flight 2: Duncan
Alpha Flight Annual 1:
Alpha Flight Annual 2:
Alpha Flight Special (1992):
Alpha Flight Special 1987: Bobsy
Marvel Team Up 83, The Thing and Sasquatch
Marvel Team Up 84, The Thing and Alpha Flight: Bill
Champions 21: Daryl
Machine Man 18: Douglas
Captain Marvel 1 and 2: Bill
John Byrne at Fan Expo Canada 2018
Rom 57: Amy
Crystar The Crystal Warrior 11: Justin

Monday, 16 January 2017

Car Park Studies

Am very busy with one thing and another at the moment (I'd head over to or my Twitter to find out how and why, if you don't already know) but as I was looking for something totally different I found a folder of photos I took of a car park in Epping over a few months in 2013. Some of them are very nice. Here's a few of them.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Bug

Recently, in the queue at a 2000AD signing, I was lucky enough to meet John Osborn, a comics writer. We shared details and not long after that John sent me through some ideas of comics he was working on, one of which was 'The Bug', which was inspired by a nightmare he'd had. I drew it up, and we submitted for consideration for Dirty Rotten Comics' latest issue.

We didn't get in, but that's OK. I was really happy with how it turned out, as was John (he hasn't told me otherwise...?) so I'm sharing it here. I enjoyed working on it, too, although because for one reason and another it got a bit rushed toward the end. What I'm really glad works is the transition from 'light and ordered' at the start through to 'dark and chaotic' at the end with a bit of transition in between.