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Friday, 19 September 2014

#quickdrawlive Sep 18th

Last night I went back to the House Of Illustration down by Kings Cross for the second of OffLife's Quickdraw Live events. I think the first one was last March... I could look it up but am preeeetty lazy. The event was a continuation of the Quickdraw that Offlife runs every Thursday night over Twitter where they give a topic and people at home come up with an image for that topic which they share back with the hashtag #quickdraw -- the difference being that on this occasion a bunch of people were in a room together, all working furiously away.

The one drawback was that where the lighting was dimmed for a cozier atmosphere, taking photos of pictures was difficult. And adding insult to injury, the Twitter app on my phone cropped my photos in weird ways. So here are my responses to the themes (paraphrased below...again, I could look them up but...). There's photos of the event all over Twitter -- got to Offlife's Twitter account for a good selection.

How I'd Get My 5mins Of Fame

What's Really Down The Back Of The Sofa

My Dream Job That Doesn't Exist (yet)

What I'd Do On My Last Day Alive

Technology Has Ruined My Ability To... (as displayed on the big projector)
Forget Scotland, I'd Vote Yes For...

By chance, I met fellow Amelia's Magazine Alumni Jenny Robins there. We both took selfies together. This is my attempt, and as you can see I'm not very good at taking them.

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