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Monday, 18 August 2014 at V Festival

This past weekend I was asked my Jordanna from The Pop Up Barber Shop to paint their web address onto one of the walls of the pop-up barber shop that they run in the VIP area of V Festival.

Doing this type of thing is entirely out of my comfort zone, being more at home with my face pressed up against a piece of paper and scratching away with ink, but I'm really proud of how it looked when I'd finished. It started off a bit shaky, to be honest, but once I'd realised I could just hold the paintbrush like a pen I felt much more comfortable. Here's some photos...
After making the template, the paper I'd used to rest the tracing paper on had the text sketched on, albeit all on top itself ad backwards. Spent 10mins with an ink brush picking bits out, and was therefore able to convince myself I could pull the same trick, on a wall, with paint.

The tracing-paper template (2m across) taped up on the wall.

Me. In action. (Photo nicked from

Me, still in action, reflected in a mirror, probably accidentally. (Photo from
Here's what it looked like when I'd finished, with some Instagram filters chucked on.
Again, the finished article, ready for the next day.

The barber shop in full swing on Saturday morning. (photo again courtesy of

Photo of the banner for the Popup Barber Shop, which features a drawing of a dog I did a few years ago (Photo nabbed off Facebook from some chap called Patrick Forster, who I don't know)

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