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Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I missed out on Secret7" last year, somehow, and this year decided in a pretty off-hand way that I'd submit something. So I had a listen to the tracks to work from, and instantly fell in love with Laura Marling's "The Beast". As I was listening to it, I knew I had to include a Jackal somewhere, and after doodling a few ideas, the design for my final  sumbisssion came pretty much fully formed into my head. After that it was just a case of finishing it off and here it is. If you'd like to VOTE FOR IT then you can click the link in the caption, below.
While I was working on "The Beast" I felt the urge to do another. Again, the design for an image came fully loaded into my head, but unfortunately for me, the image was of a hand, for Jessie Ware's "Still Love Me" and drawing hands is my artistic Kryptonite. As I was sketching my hand, over and over and over, I realised that I needed to break off and work on something else, and as I listened to Haim's "Better Off" I came up with the image of a bird. Because of my personal fixation with Magpies, doing one of those seemed like a natural choice, and I came up with this:
And once I'd finished the Magpie off, I re-approached the hand image. 

Now then, I happen to think this last image is the best of the three. I probably shouldn't play favourites, but conceptually I think it's the strongest: is the wedding ring missing -- and if it is, is there still love in that relationship? Plus, it's got the best balance of shape and movement, and a big block of my favourite colour... I think you should vote for that too, if you're reading this.

If you do vote, then thanks -- I really appreciate it.

If you don't, I'll know, and I'll hunt you down*

(not really)

Also, the voting system doesn't really affect the choice for most of the entries, so it's a kind of nice to have, not an imperative. Cheers.

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