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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Intercorstal: Open Call for Assistance

As part of my Arts Trail work, I had intended to get a new, site-specific version of The Intercorstal done. However, time's now running out and I've not made a lot of progress.

The intention was to use photos of my venue (the wonderful Man About Town Barbers) and overlay them with panels to make the comic, much as I did for 'Valentine' and the recently completed 'Witches'. I've got the photos, I've just not got time to do the drawing.

Which gave me an idea... Could I outsource the work? There are one or two people out there who 'get' the Intercorstal, or who are interested in Abstract Comics in general, so could I get them to do one or two pages each? Which is where this request comes in.

Would YOU like to do a page of the Intercorstal? All I can offer in return is a copy of the printed comic, full credit, and the chance to work on something fun that you might not have done before.

If you do want to help, please email me at:

I'll send you a JPEG for you to work on, you do some stuff and send it back to me. You'd have to work pretty fast -- any entries not returned by the 5th won't make it in, unfortunately.

If you do happen to be new here, some pages from the Intercorstal can be found here: INTERCORSTAL BLOG

Any takers?

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