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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Lame Ol' Me

I've been very bad at updating recently -- a mixture of the recent run of Bank Holidays and the culmination of some big projects at work have meant I've been away from Ol'Blogger for a bit.

Not that I've not been busy, though -- a new Intercorstal comic called 'Valentine' was created, but at the last moment myself and Anxietydecending decided to experiment with the format, which means doing more pages for it. Some of the pages I've finished are up at The Intercorstal Blog.

I've also applied for inclusion in The Chelmsford Arts Trail, curated this year by The Shiny Shed. And I really, really want to get into it -- last year's was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the town looking at all the stuff on display, and think my proposal of turning a shop window into an Intercorstal page could be a good match, but we'll see.

As always, I've been doing some stuff for Amelia's Magazine -- take a gander at these articles to see what I've been upto.

Will write again soon, hopefully with some good news on stuff.

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