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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Intercorstal News Update 29th May 2010

I've just returned from a 16-night cruise, taken with my wife and her family. While I was away I finished five pages of The Intercorstal and some other very different pictures. The other pictures will come in a later post, but for the moment I just want to talk about The Intercorstal...

The quest for a stapler hefty enough to compile the first minicomic is complete -- it was waiting on my desk when I got back from holiday. Now I just need to print it out, and then I'll start sending copies out to those people who've requested a copy, and also to people who's opinion hasn't yet been offered but I'm interested in getting.

The five new pages have been uploaded at The Intercorstal blog. The latest three (Pages 36, 37 and 38) are among my favourites so far, and I've decided to talk about them a little here.

Page 36 is inspired by Abstract Expressionism, in particular Rothko, and I actually find it hilarious in its audacity -- I'm unsure as to whether anyone else will.

Page 37 is again a little private joke with myself: Because the ruler I had with me was only 6inches long, that's how long I made the image, but kept the page at its usual 8 inches, therefore referencing the process of creating the page -- in a similar way to how many Abstract Expressionist images exist principally to express the act of painting, the height of this page's content expresses the act of measuring. Again, not sure if anyone else will get the joke, or the reference. This page also features my favourite ever ghost, and some abstractions based on a photo I took in Venice of a boat moving past the city.

I came up with the idea for Page 38 while half-asleep one afternoon, while waiting for some water to cool in order to make up my son's milk. The sixteen little boxes are abstrations based on photos I took around my cabin -- the bases of lamps, the corners on TV cabinets, things like that. The cross in the middle is a location in The Intercorstal -- a mountain side dotted with Wind Houses with what is either wind or sand in the background. For the record, I know what a Wind House looks like, but don't know what it does, much the same as a hORSEhOOK.

Those that know they're getting a copy of the minicomic: keep your eyes peeled for the postman. Those that don't... well, keep your eyes peeled anyway, you might have some important credit card bills or something.

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