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Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Here's some photos showing the process for my Intercorstal-ised version of the iconic first page of Judge Dredd: America. They're running back-to-front, from my finished image through the various iterations ad finishing on Colin MacNeil's incredible original (the scan of which I've nicked from here:

If for some baffling reason you've not read America, you can buy the collected edition here or alternatively it's only £1.99 as part of Hachette's Judge Dredd The Mega Collection

Here's my final version, now officially known as 'Intercorstal 2 Page 26'

Starting to fill in close details.

Got bored, doodled with a brush pen for a while.

Picking out/inventing shapes.

Blocking out the black areas. Picked this up from a tip by Henry Flint. For me, it makes the page feel half-done from the start, so less of a scary empty page. Also, it helps start the page balancing.

Here, in the first stage, I've just blocked out the major shapes. If I'd spent any time working through details here I'd never have made my way back.

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