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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

St James Infirmary Verses One and Two

Recently, I've been listening to the Scatman Crothers version of St James Infirmary, pretty much on repeat. It's a song with a long and chequered history, and has been covered by an immense number of artists and bands over the years. There's something about Crothers' version that really grabbed me, though. It's about a man planning his funeral following the death of his lover, but there's something in the way that it's performed suggested a further dimension to me -- that the narrator was planning, experiencing and reminiscing on his funeral all at once, turning it into a Fourth Dimensional Ghost Story.

Inspired, I decided that I'd make something based on the lyrics. Limited, due to a number of factors, to only being able to work on art during my lunch hour at the moment, I've started a series of postcards, each covering a single line from the song. There are four verses and the chorus is used twice, so that's six sets of four postcards, plus a final call-off. I've done the first verse, and the first chorus, and the rest will follow eventually.


1 comment:

  1. Making something is always a good move.

    These are exquisite illustrations. I don't know how long you think on each of the 8 frames you have here, but I love the way you have interpritated the words. Shaping into a great collection, looking forward to the next bit.